About Us

Kelebek Tekstil is the company that was established in 1971 by two brothers who had an objective to create unique clothing sourcing the best materials and fabrics from all around the world.  At the start the company focused their distribution and selling efforts to familiar countries however, as their garments grew in popularity they decided they would expand and establish a brand that embraced their enthusiasm and expertise. That’s how PERSPECTIVE came to life. PERSPECTIVE was officially introduced to the fashion world in 2000. The brother’s showcased modern and original concepts garment after garment. The PERSPECTIVE brand became recognizable for taking risks and focusing on delivering clothing that was of premium quality. As of 2017, PERSPECTIVE’s collections have reached far and wide, being sold in over 42 different countries. 

PERSPECTIVE's avant-garde outlook to fashion incorporates dynamic trends that can be seen across multiple continents. PERSPECTIVE prides itself on designing and stitching clothing for urban women who are conscious about fashion.PERSPECTIVE continues to distinguish itself from other brands by being a brand that caters to all lifestyles, from the business professional woman to the vacation swimwear to distinct accessories for that event in marked off in your calendar. 

Our efforts have stayed true since day one offering unique, elegant, innovative and captivating designs, in a boutique service environment at affordable prices.